Chrome forces HTTPS on all .dev domains

If you're anything like me your development workflow involves spinning up VMs using Vagrant or some other workflow automation process. (shoutout to geerlingguy and the DrupalVM project!) I've been creating this Development machines for projects for years now using as my local dev path. Well, turns out that ".dev" is now a valid TLD. A recent update to Google Chrome (Chrome 63) has pushed an update where all .dev TLDs are set to force_https.


Zero Issues Left

If you've been paying attention to this site you may have noticed that posts have been showing up rarther far and few between. The main reason for this quiet period is I've been cramming away at my largest Drupal project to date. The MyTime time clock project for my full time employer; ARISE Child and Family Service. This project wille eventually be published on, but it needs a bunch of polishing before it's ready for that.

1st Hour Drupal 8 RC1

Now that Drupal 8.0.0 RC1 is out I figured it was time to build something with it. I've owned the and domains for awhile now. I purchased them for an open source project I was planning (haven't really put much work into that yet, it will show up here someday when I make progress).


I downloaded the release candidate from and expanded it onto the server. Created the empty database, username and password. So far no different than previous versions of Drupal.